The day my mind is still, it would be the final chapter for My Mind's Drama Copyrights@ Lilow 2004-2009

Friday, August 17, 2012


To heal is to trust,
To trust is to leap,
Leap without any thoughts,
Without any parachutes,
Without any net beneath,
Just a free fall,
Into the unknown,
Trust in life itself.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rag Dolls

Such a shame,
A decade or more long gone,
Still as broken as ever,
Even I laughed at how silly you are...

Even the dollmaker gets tired,
Coat of paint after paint,
Yet the cracks often renew itself,
That's how crackpot are born perhaps..

All the ornaments draped upon you,
Grace heaven grant upon you,
Miracle after miracle,
Yet, you keep peeling...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mechanical life

"But better die than live mechanically, a life that is a repetition of repetitions "

D.H. Lawrence

Death may not be the answer,
For repetitive life is death itself,
Like getting stuck in a warp zone,
Like being trap in a washing machine,
Spin and spin and spin,
Till your essence runs dry,
Step out of the machine,
And kiss the ray of light,
Fear not,
Take a leap of a fool,
For the fool has its own luck..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earth Tantrum

Earth is angry,
Tantrum continues,
Last Friday's blow was awful,
Sending your notorious waves,
To the east it spreads,
Its inhabitants cry for mercy,
I cry for mercy too,
Too much cries from afar,
Too much death heard,
Please stop shaking,
Don't get so mad Oh dear Earth,

You rocked us 7 years ago,
Wiping your inhabitants.
With your waves of anger,
Drowning and flattening it,
The island in the southeast Asia,
Almost gone,
Flat and gone..

More candles are lighted again this year,
Nuclear technology turns to a time bomb,
We live in fear of its leakage,
I pray that it will cool down,
Enough of disasters already,
The poor souls there has enough to bear,
Let there be no more deaths,
A restful night be granted,
And many days to come..

Peace be with souls in the east,
The land of the rising sun,
May the sun shine upon you again,
Dries up all your tears and worries,
Lift this spell from your land,
Like snow that melts into spring,
Where your heart will bloom again,
Like sakura after winter,
Blessed it be...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Smiles are more in wake than dreams,
Nightmare occurs every night,
Hidden anxiety I could not find,
Yet morning is filled with bliss,
Flashes of recent memories,
Lifelong dreams finally came true,
Humourous bonds are formed,
Faces I could not forget,
Adoration and love,
Come what may,
What the future holds,
I smile when I drive,
I smile when I walk,
I smile when I am alone,
Waking up is better than sleeping,
For I know now,
I am at bliss...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blue Sky Awaits

Stuck in the mist you may be,
Darkness or white plain surrounds,
Frusfrated and lost,
Feels like rotting there,
And stoned for eternal years,
It all never seems to end..

Blue sky always awaits,
With its spring blossom,
And summer berries,
The tease of its gentle breeze,
If you keep searching..

How could one see such wonders,
When all is monotonous,
As they may ask,
Even if you are not sure if it will happen,
Believe it will,
You will see your beautiful plain,
Heavens are kind,
I promise..

*dedicated to Jelyn W., with love*

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Everyone has a ticking clock,
With three arrows going clockwise,
Seconds are like happiness,
Ticks off very fast,
Minutes are like present,
Steady and awaits,
Hours are like the haunting past,
Every minute and second,
Once the clock stops,
It is just silence...

I fear not of my clock stop,
But I fear for others,
As years gather,
My world is slowly vanishing,
Love and sorrow,
The scope is getting narrower,
Kaleidoscope is dimmer..